Thank you for your interest in the Miss Freedom Pageant. Please fill out the online form below to begin the process. for any questions about the process, please email  We welcome each of you from across the country to apply today.  DEADLINE TO ENTER IS JULY 20, 2024.


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This information will be read during each part of the Competition, while you are on stage. The Miss Freedom USA organization reserves the right to alter your submission, but only when necessary, for appropriateness and/or to ensure clarity among contestants or to accommodate any time constraints.


Pageant Application Entry Fee: $350

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($20 each or $100 for all. Select all that apply)

Best Interview
Best Introduction
Most Photogenic
Best Fun Fashion
Best Dress
Best Freedom Wear



After submitting this form please submit the following items to:

  • Headshot for the optional category (8x10 .jpg preferred)
  • Headshot for the program book (colored .jpg)
  • Birth certificate (copy) or Driver's license (copy)

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Why do we charge entry fees?

Entry fees help pay for costs of producing the state and national pageants including cash awards, trophies, plaques, crowns, banners and flowers for award winners. In addition, Sponsor Fee payments help pay for hotel meeting room rental, staging, lighting, sound equipment and office, staff and judges expenses.


Total Paid: $350

Delegates agree to hold harmless the Miss Freedom USA Pageant and Crowning Entertainment, LLC. and the facilities used during all phases of the pageant from damages incurred through loss, theft, or injury caused by or during her participation in the pageant or related activities.

Should it be determined that a current winner or runner up is not in compliance with the rules and regulations, her title will be forfeited, along with any and all cash awards and prizes. In this case, the person in the position directly below her will be raised up one position, and will assume those responsibilities, as well as those cash awards and prizes. I give permission for the Miss Freedom USA Pageant and Crowning Entertainment LLC. to us mine/my daughter's picture for publicity purposes.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the official rules and regulations of the Miss Freedom USA Pageant and Crowning Entertainment, LLC. and that I will comply with them in every way, and that the personal data that I have submitted is true and correct. Please sign below.

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