Community Partner

I am happy to announce we have teamed up with a local organization here in Jacksonville to bring recognition and attention to their great cause.

From the pages of the Five Star Veterans Center

                             We Move Homeless Veterans Off the Street to a Place of Their Own

In America 1.4 million veterans are at risk of becoming homeless. Locally in Northeast Florida, about 500 veterans have been recorded as homeless in the past year.

Our 12-18-month on-site program has proven successful in helping veterans rejoin our community. We provide safe housing, a full complement of health and wellness services, reunite veterans with their families, and help with education and job preparedness.



The path forward starts when new residents feel safe again with a room to call home and a warm welcome from the residents and staff members.  Veterans learning to manage their PTSD and other mental health challenges benefit from our on-site mental health services available 24-hours a day.


Reconnecting with family and friends is essential for residents to feel good about themselves again. Our program reunites residents with their families.


We help residents explore educational and job options and help them obtain the skills they need in preparation to successfully return to civilian life.

To donate, just click on the link.

Subject Line: Miss Freedom USA

Message: Be sure to list which delegate you are supporting and making your donation on behalf of, i.e. Mrs. Freedom USA Sherri Owens

Most importantly we will have brought attention to this organization and provide a financial donation!  

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