Pageant Rules

(1) Delegates will compete in the age division they are the day of the pageant. Exception: If your age changes within 30 days (before or after) the day of the pageant, the individual will be able to compete in either division that applies.  

              *Eligibility for 2024 MAO/Miss America Teen-Birth Years 2011-2006 for Miss America birth years 1996 – 2006.

(2) Delegates must submit a copy of their birth certificate or copy of state identification card.

(3) Delegates must do a simple beauty type walk. Beauty walk layout will be given and must be performed with no deviation.  Pageant Dress or Gown as well as hair and makeup are of the choice of the contestant. 

(4) Delegates may be sponsored by family, friends, or businesses.

(5) The purpose of the Miss Freedom USA Pageant is to offer educational opportunities to young ladies and promote our Military Community.  You may compete in other pageants.

(6) Delegates must always act in a professional and respectable manner, dress appropriately for appearances, and always wear crown and banner when representing Miss Freedom USA.  Always get dress attire for appearances approved by National Director.

(7) Must get permission from the National Director before promoting the Miss Freedom USA in any event. Queens cannot wear the Miss Freedom USA crown and sash to promote other pageants after they give up their title. If caught doing so, The Miss Freedom USA Pageant has the right to ask the queen to return her crown and sash.

(8) All prizes will be distributed at the signing of their contract on the day following the pageant.  At the conclusion of their reign, and provided each has met their contractual obligations, queens will receive their cash prizes at the close of the award ceremony. The Director of Miss Freedom USA Pageant is responsible for all your cash awards and prizes.  

(9) Delegates in the Tiny through Young Miss Divisions must not be married, ever been pregnant nor ever had a baby. Queens cannot marry, except for the Miss, Ms. Mrs. and Woman Divisions, during their reign.

(10) Queens agree to abide by all the rules and regulations now in affect or announced thereafter.

(11) The pageant will be conducted under the rules set forth by the Miss Freedom USA Pageant and a contestant agrees that the time, manner, and method of judging the pageant shall be solely within the discretion of the Miss Freedom USA Pageant Director and the judges’ decisions are final.

(12) No refunds will be given unless the pageant should be canceled.  Entry Fees must be paid in full at time of online application. 

(13) The number of applications accepted in each age division will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

(14) If named queen, everyone must be on time for all appointments, social obligations and scheduled appearances.

(15) A contestant must be of good moral character and have never been convicted of a crime.

(16) Only (1) one assistant is allowed backstage, for each delegate, for all divisions.  Assistant must pay door admission prior to pageant.

(17) Delegates will be scored 30% on a five-minute personal interview, 20% on an introduction, 20% on fun fashion, 30% on evening gown.

(18) All social media is reviewed consistently for professional and moralistic materials i.e. photos, videos, comments, statements. The National Director has the right to request inappropriate content to be removed at any given time.  If such content is not removed upon request, delegates will be asked to relinquish their title and return all prizes and awards including but not limited to their sash and crown.

(19) No soliciting of any kind is allowed at any Miss Freedom USA Pageant. This means no passing out applications, materials and so forth.  

(20) All decisions of the judges are final.

We look forward to you joining us for the fun and excitement of promoting our military community and Miss Freedom USA.

If you have any questions, please contact your National Director, Mr. Gene Moore or Director of Operations, Amy Calloway.

Our Miss Freedom USA staff is looking forward to meeting YOU!


Delegates will consist of girls and women, ages 4 and up. Delegates will be assigned to their appropriate division according to their age.

                                                                                     DIVISION                                                         AGE GROUP

Tiny Miss                                                4 – 6 years

Little Miss                                               7 – 9 years

Junior Miss                                        10 – 12 years

Teen Miss                                          13 –15 years

Young Miss                                        16 – 18 years

Miss                                                     18 – 28 years

Ms.                                                       29 – 39 years

Mrs.                                                      21 – up 

Woman                                                40 & up